Money Management for Discerning Investors

If you are looking for an experienced, informed and conflict-free investment partner, who will help you get the most from your investments, you have come to the right place…

We offer personal investment management with common sense portfolios, transparent fees and no conflicts of interest.  Our Senior Manager, Dena Minning, will design a unique investment strategy to meet your personal needs. With Dena, you will be able to establish the level of involvement you would like to have in the management of your portfolio as well as formulate a plan and approach that makes you comfortable.  Because, with Personal Asset Management, it is all about YOU!

How can you judge whether you will be satisfied with us?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, it is a pretty safe bet…

  • Are you uneasy because you do not have the time, interest and/or ability to manage your own portfolio?
  • Do you desire to find a competent and trustworthy person who could help your money make money?
  • Are you concerned that your best interests may not be driving your advisor’s recommendations?
  • Do you wonder how much understanding of investments your advisor really has?
  • Are you being overwhelmed with information but still do not know how your investments are doing?
  • Do you wonder if having hundreds of positions and frequent trading is really necessary?
  • Do you feel that your portfolio is not given much attention until it is down substantially?
  • Are you mostly in the dark regarding the appropriate amount to pay to have your money managed?